About Us

Camo Ever After was born out of a desire to offer outdoor enthusiasts unique rings and wedding bands that showcase their way of life.

When shopping for our own rings just a few short years ago, we noticed there was not much of a selection. All were pretty plain. We then decided we wanted to provide a beautiful and unique selection of bands to the hunters, fishermen and outdoor lovers alike. 

You probably already wear a ring every day, or are about to, so we thought it makes sense to wear one that shows off what you love to do and is strong enough to last through many years of hunting trips, too.

We love to fish, but more family responsibilities is making it more difficult. So we love to live vicariously through our customers and fans, who send us stories of their fishing and hunting trips. Some of you aren't that active in the outdoors, but just love camo, and that's ok, too! We've gotten to know a few of you more personally, and we cherish our past, present and future relationships. We are different than the big guys, we'll offer you personal service, attention, and with us you're much more than just a number, you're a friend of the family.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us. Email us with any questions at info@camoeverafter.com.