4 Tough Titanium Hunting Rings

19th Jan 2018

4 Tough Titanium Hunting Rings

Most outdoorsmen and women, have something in common, they’re tough. They like to do stuff out in nature and often times they get dirty and break stuff. 

Tough people need tough jewelry. So, today we will share 4 of our favorite super tough titanium hunting rings that you can wear no matter where your outdoor adventures take you.

These rings are made from titanium, the same material NASA uses on their space shuttles. But if that isn’t tough enough for you, then don’t worry because they also come with a lifetime warranty!

fishing ring
Titanium 7mm Flat Band with Fish Hooks Pattern

Any good fisherman knows that fishing is a lot like relationships, it isn’t a sprint but rather a marathon. With good patience and understanding you can learn to throw back the small fish and catch and keep a trophy fish. And when it comes to relationships you can learn to find a trophy spouse.

When you find that special person worth keeping, put on this beautiful ring with a fish hook pattern to remind you of the patience and understanding it took to find this special person that you will be with forever. Just like your marriage is forever, so is the durable high quality titanium band. The ring even comes with a lifetime warranty.

See more pictures of this titanium ring and learn more about it here.

turkey track ring
Titanium 7mm Beveled Band with Turkey Track Pattern

Ok, so if fishing isn’t your thing then maybe turkey hunting is. But guess what? Finding that perfect turkey for thanksgiving dinner also takes a lot of time and patience. A good hunt is one where you get to bond with other hunters while searching for the perfect turkey. It wouldn’t be a good hunt if it only lasted 5 minutes, even if you shot the biggest best turkey you’ve ever seen.

Well, marriage is a lot like a turkey hunt. It isn’t meant to be quick, it is meant to last forever. A marriage is about the bond between two people a bond that forms slowly and grows forever. You can remember your relationships track from beginning to now every time you look down and see this titanium ring on your finger that is engraved with turkey tracks. The little turkey tracks will remind you of all of the steps you’ve taken throughout your relationships and the camaraderie and love you and your family have enjoyed throughout it.

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rifle ring
Titanium 8mm Flat Band with Gun Pattern

Hunter’s love and appreciate their guns. After all, it is the gun that makes their hunt successful bring them and their families food and in some cases protection. The gun symbolizes it’s abilities to serve and protect.

Since your second favorite thing in the world, right after your spouse, is your gun you might as well have it wrapped around your finger too. With this titanium band engraved with a rifle, you can take your gun everywhere with you.

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ring with antlers
Titanium 8mm Flat Deer Antler Wedding Band

Sometimes it takes years for a deer hunter to find their trophy deer. A good deer hunter recognizes the patience it takes, just like a good partner sees the patience a life long relationship will take. Like a good deer hunter focused on the prize antlers, a partner will focus on their prize too and do whatever it takes to get it.

Keep your prize on your mind by wearing a titanium ring with deer antlers engraved on it. The antlers will go with you everywhere reminding you of your prize in life that you have with your partner.
See more pictures of this titanium ring and learn more about it here.

So, there you have it, 4 of our toughest titanium hunting rings. The only question left now is, are you tough enough to wear one?

If you love getting dirty in the outdoors doing things like hunting, fishing, and camping, then you should checkout all of our titanium rings that are surely tough enough to last throughout your adventures.

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