5 Must-Have iOS Apps Every Duck Hunter Should Download

13th Oct 2016

Duck Hunting

Are you an outdoor enthusiast who looks forward to hunting season every year? Do you watch shows like Duck Commander just to feed your need for duck hunting during the off-season? If you're a hardcore hunting enthusiast, you might want to consider updating your smartphone or tablet with a few mobile apps for duck hunters. Following are five excellent options you can consider.

Duck Hunting Deluxe App

Duck Hunting Deluxe

Available from Natalia Gavrylova, the Duck Hunting Deluxe app offers numerous helpful features for sportsmen (and women). This download offers data on everything from the best times to hunt for specific species to hunting sounds and waterfowl calls. This application also provides a compass, flashlight, and weather data for your local area.

iDuck ID App


Available from AppGear, the iDuckID app offers images and sounds for 30 types of waterfowl. Learn what a Hooded Merganser looks like and discover the sound a Canvasback makes. This is a basic but highly useful app with flight range information, audio clips, and duck descriptions.

Duck Call Free App

Duck Call Free

Offered by K Solution, the Duck Call Free application offers plenty of duck sounds for hunters and bird enthusiasts. Discover the sounds of numerous ducks including Mallards, Widgeons, and Pintail.

Duck Hunting Calls App

Duck Hunting Calls

Pico Brothers' Duck Hunting Calls app provides call sounds for seven species of duck. This application also provides calling instructions so you can teach yourself how to make the correct sounds.

Ducks Unlimited App

Ducks Unlimited

The Ducks Unlimited application is a must-download for duck hunters. Features include a sunrise calculator, duck-hunting tips, and information on bag limits. You can discover information on hunting seasons, wild game recipes, retriever dogs, and conservation data.

Duck hunting apps are a terrific way to boost your bird knowledge. You can learn how to identify birds in the wild, uncover interesting details on local duck species, and discover details on hunting laws in your local area. Will any of these apps make it to the home screen of your digital device?

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