Five Big Fat I-Don'ts Before Your Country Themed Wedding I-Do

27th May 2016

Ok, let's be honest here. We know if you read our blog and take the time to look closely at a few of our Camo wedding rings, or linger over those his-and-her duck bands, you may be ready to start your married life right away. Not everybody enjoys planning a major production over a long period of time. Can't wait? This June, you say? The good news is that you can make your country-themed wedding simple or extravagant, small or h...
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Hunting for the Perfect Custom Duck Band Wedding Rings?

27th Apr 2016

Hunting for a wedding ring is a task that awakens the imagination and the senses. You're both in on this search, living out a story that will mean the world to you and your bride. But you know your ring will live on your own hand. The most important goal is to find the ring you can comfortably live in, from the wedding dance to the hunting blind. You're going to want to stay true to who you are, wherever you may go. When you choose...
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Camo Weddings are Bigger Than Ever

14th Apr 2016

Back in December, an observer at that old-school classic city fashion magazine, Cosmo, wrote with some surprise that "little did I know, over 22,000 people search for "camo wedding dresses" on Google every month." Hey, somebody wasn't paying attention to the heartland. If your friends have been getting married lately, you probably know it's a trend. And the trend is not slowing down. If anything, the variety and design opportu...
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Pink Camouflage Rings With Just Enough Country Style!

7th Apr 2016

Try as you might, but you'll be hard-pressed to find a jewelry store or clothing store -- online or in a building -- that doesn't carry the ever so popular camouflage print.  Men and women alike adore this pattern because it provides so many options, colors, and makes a bold statement about individuality.  To date, it is one of the most fashionable trends on the market that never goes out of style, and is truly a classic print....
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Diamonds & Grit: Camo Wedding Ring Sets with Real Diamonds

7th Apr 2016

Every country princess has her own special fairy tale that doesn't involve a knight on a white horse. It began when she first saw her Daddy leave the house long before the first light of day, dressed from head to toe in hunting gear. With his gun strapped on his back, he almost seemed like a soldier. When he returned well after sunrise, he brought venison for his family. The princess ate roll-ups that evening for dinner, amazed that her D...
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