Duck Hunting Tips: Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them

14th Aug 2019

Duck Hunting Tips: Common Mistakes and How to Fix Them

There are mistakes that duck hunters commonly make which greatly affects their hunting performance. Whether you’re just starting out or an experienced pro, we have all made these mistakes from time to time. The most common mistakes to watch for are excessive movement, poor camouflage, improper duck calling and lack of scouting.

Moving Around In The Blind

Every duck hunter knows that they should keep still in the blind, but the problem can be having the discipline to minimize your movements. Even though you may think that you are completely camouflaged, ducks have much more powerful eyesight than humans. No matter if you are using a pit blind, permanent blind or layout blind, stay as still as possible at all times. Also be sure that everyone in your hunting party knows to restrict their movements as well.

Poor Camouflage

No matter how great you think your blind is, you can always use more camo. If ducks flare as they approach your blind then you have poor camouflage on your blind. Walk all around it examining each section to identify any openings or holes. Another possible problem is using the same blind in different areas. The vegetation and surrounding environment might make it obvious that it doesn’t belong there. If your blind doesn’t blend in, then use local vegetation and brush to better camouflage your blind. Also don’t forget to cover your face with face paint and head nets to help breakup your silhouette.

Your Duck Calling Technique Needs Improvement

There’s just something special about blowing a call and watching a duck respond to it. If ducks are taking longer than expected to respond or are ignoring your call, then you might need to improve your calling skills. There are lots of ways to improve your calling techniques such as videos, duck hunting shows or the help of a duck hunting guide. A good call requires you to know the species that are in your area and the appropriate call for each of them. The time to perfect your skills is not on the pond, so practice at home so you’ll be prepared for the hunt.

Lack of Scouting

Heading out to the local pond and hoping for the best is a sure fire way to end up skunked. As obvious as it should be, this is a common mistake made by duck hunters. Don’t just look for birds and then come back to hunt, keep watch and see where they are regularly feeding. Once you identify a good location, add it to your GPS device so you can easily find it again.

Every duck hunter can improve their skills and focus in order to kill more ducks. If you aren’t seeing any ducks or they are avoiding your position, then these frequent duck hunting mistakes are likely to be the cause. Once you fix them, you will be able to call in plenty of ducks and limit out for the day.

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