​Top 10 Fishing Themed Wedding Ideas

27th Dec 2016

For brides and grooms, the task of convincing friends and family that a fishing-themed wedding is what they actually want is often more difficult than combining their love of fishing with an elegant ceremony and reception. The idea is an unusual one that strays from traditional themes, but it is growing in popularity. Here are the top ten ideas for a wedding themed for people who love fishing.

Fishing-Themed Invtations

Whether you design your wedding invitations with "two less fish in the sea" or "hook, line, and sinker" as the headline, your invitees are sure to recognize the underlying theme of the entire event. Choose the color of your bridesmaid dresses, include all of the pertinent details, and be as creative as you like with your design.

Fish-Hook Wedding Rings

Perhaps the most important aspect of the wedding after the "I do," fishing-themed rings are available in various styles. Popular wedding rings for fishermen include styles that are hand-engraved or laser-etched with fancy fish hooks as well as wedding rings embossed with tiny fish hooks.

Place Cards

If you have the space as well as the funds, why not go all out with your place cards? Create fishing-themed cards using small wooden dowels, fish-shaped cards labeled with the guest's name and table number, and a small votive filled with blue glass beads. Alternatively, you can design place cards to look like boat oars.


While you are infusing your celebration with fishing wedding décor, you might want to include traditional elements. Floral displays, lacey tablecloths, and bright white sashes attached to chair covers provide an elegant touch that romanticizes your love for each other, while fishing-themed wedding decorations deliver a personalized message. One example you can use is to design tackle boxes filled with an overflowing display of flowers.

Wedding Cake Toppers

The bridal couple can choose from a variety of fishing-themed wedding cake toppers, all of which are designed specifically with the enthusiastic angler in mind. Options include the bride catching the groom using a fishing rod, the groom holding the fishing rod, and two fish kissing each other. You can even find styles with "Best Catch" emblazoned on the base of the wedding cake topper.

Wedding Favors

Fishing lures in small bags with the guest's name and the phrase "best catch of the day" or "perfect catch" offer a wonderful way to embrace the love of fishing. You might also want to consider tiny vases etched with the words "catch of the day" or mini-camping lanterns for your fishing-themed wedding favors.


You have lots of options for fish-themed centerpieces. Place circles of fishing net in the center of the tables and decorate them with fish bowls with live goldfish, camping lanterns, small boats, glass beads, shells, and fishing lures.


With a lobster tail, your guests will have a "shell" of a good time! Seriously though, a menu with a main entrée of fish and appetizers featuring escargot, clams, shrimp, oysters, and gator provide everything you need to maintain your fishing-themed wedding.


While the bride might prefer a traditional bouquet, the boutonnieres might offer an opportunity to incorporate flowers resembling a coral reef. You can add some baby's breath for bubbles and stick a fishing lure in the center.

Thank-You Cards

Obtain your thank-you cards from the same printer where you order your wedding invitations. This way, you can use the same design and coloring.

Planning a themed wedding for fishing enthusiasts is easy enough to do. While you might not be catching a merman or mermaid, incorporating a few stylistic elements centered on angling themes can be fun and romantic.

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