Damascus Steel Rings

Damascus Steel was first used in the making of swords before the Common Era to make elaborate blades. Today it is still used for knives and some swords but it has grown in popularity for Jewelry. There are no two Damascus Steel Rings that will look exactly the same. Similar yes, but not the same. The rings below are just a few of the patterns that are available in Damascus Steel. Our Camo Damascus Rings have a beautiful contrasting design and a premium comfort fit. All rings come with a 30 Day satisfaction guarantee.

So, much like YOU, these rings are one of a kind, rooted in tradition, tough and durable. Perfect for active lifestyles. Which is why we add the camo inlay. What better way show off an active lifestyle and your love for uniqueness, than with damascus AND camo? Our rings already produce a look and style unlike others on the market. And now our damascus steel rings with camo inlay take that coolness factor up a notch.

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