What Size Ring Do I Wear?

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What is my ring size?? Looking for how to find your ring sizing? Looking for an actual ring size chart? Find your wedding ring size easily right now! If you still have questions, fill out the form under the chart. 

Option 1 - it is always best to get your ring size at a local jeweler. Tell them you'd like to get sized for a comfort fit ring.

Option 2 - Purchase one of our simple little ring sizers for just $2 and free shipping. Once you get it and verify your size, then come back and order your ring. Get it here.

Option 3 - Download and print the following chart and follow the instructions. Do not use the on screen version, as different screens have different resolutions, and display the image differently. If you print it at 100% (do not fit to page or reduce size) you should be able to get your correct ring size using this method aswell.


If using the size chart, see this image for method 2:

ring size chart

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